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Shihan Jonathan Campbell - Dojo Operator

Having wrestled for seven years and harbored an interest in the martial arts, Shihan Jon Campbell discovered Kyokushinkai Karate while studying at Washington State University under Shihan John Adams, fourth degree blackbelt. Quickly finding his niche in the full-contact organization, Shihan Jon became a martial arts instructor for both the dojo as well as for Washington State University Physical Education classes within two years of beginning training. Within a semester of teaching, Shihan Jon Campbell was voted in as the club president and quickly took over a leadership role. In addition to taking on teaching classes and the role of president, Shihan Jon Campbell trained six days a week to learn the necessary skills to earn his first degree blackbelt within three years.

Not slowing down his dedication to Matsushima's organization, Shihan increased his efforts as well as responsibilities within the dojo teaching self-defense, beginning and intermediate karate, in addition to fund raising and coordinating demonstrations, Shihan instructed other ka's to be proper instructors. In November 2004, he traveled with the United States Team to Japan as a coach to the 7th World Open Weight Tournament. Shortly before graduating from graduate school, Shihan tested for his third degree blackbelt. In 2008 Shihan Jon Campbell was awarded his fourth degree blackbelt by Kancho Yoshikazu Matsushima, the head of the International Karate Organization - Matsushima group.

Having received a dojo operator's license in 2004, Shihan Jon is now looking to continue to train top fighters and those interested in discovering the martial way.

Sensei Holly Hazard Campbell

Sensei Hazard had always harbored in interest in martial arts and discovered karate while attending Washington State University. Discovering Kyokushin's unique full-contact fighting philosophy, Sensei quickly found her passion. Wanting to prove that women can be just as tough in a man's sport, Sensei Hazard trained six days a week in club and individual instructions with Sensei Adams and Sensei Campbell to qualify as a Matsushima top fighter. Within two years, Sensei Hazard earned an invitation to compete in the 2nd Women's World Full Contact tournament in Japan by placing first in two international tournaments.

In addition to fighting, Sensei Hazard became an instructor for the Washington State physical education department teaching self- defense and beginning karate. Receiving her first degree blackbelt in 2004, Sensei Hazard was determined to work harder and earned her second degree blackbelt.

In June 2008 Sensei Hazard became only the second female from the Northwest Kyokushin branch to earn the rank of 3rd Dan and the title of Sensei. Sensei Hazard also accepted her second invitation to represent the United States as a fighter in the 3rd Women's World Full Contact tournament in Japan.

Sensei Hazard moved to the Seattle area with the hopes of opening a dojo to train fighters and help empower men and women in the martial arts.

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